Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

First Off...
Today's post highlights my Deathwatch Kill Team's Veteran Sergeant; as a veteran, he has the veteran's skull centered on his mask, and carries the M.40 targeter and bolter with hellfire rounds as well as an upgraded power sword.  The power sword nullifies armor saves, so if he ends up in hand-to-hand combat, all he has to do is roll to wound and then he has a kill!
I absolutely love his pose! I had to be meticulous about gluing him together so his targeter would line up with his line of sight... but I think I nailed it! I also painted his loin-cloth with the Inquisitorial "I" on it so there is no question who he fights for!
(Vote for him at Cool Mini or Not!)

If you are interested... Here is a short video on the Power Sword:

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