Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Heavy Bolters with Hellfire Rounds!

Today's post covers the two Heavy Bolters on the Deathwatch Kill Team; each kill team can "upgrade" two space marines' weapons to two heavy bolters.  Normally a Heavy Bolter is a "move or fire" weapon, but these bad-boys come with suspensor links!  That allows them to move AND fire! Additionally, the hellfire rounds they carry are a "blast" weapon which has increased damage due to the "mutagenic acid" rounds they carry that get into the target's blood stream! (Ooh! Ouch!)

These two particular Deathwatch members hail from the Ultramarines chapter as well as the Imperial Fists chapter respectively...
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When I was painting these guys, I dropped the Imperial Fist marine on the floor and he exploded; left arm one way, right arm the other (with the Heavy Bolter!), his backpack another direction, and the body a forth!  I was able to find all the pieces and assemble him back together, but I was still missing the left arm (Aargh!)
I spent the next hour going through EVERYTHING (including my clothes) trying to find the dumb thing!  It finally turned up... and where do you suppose it was? On the base of the Marine! ROFL! (Grrrr!!!)
You can see the Heavy Bolter in Action below:

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