Saturday, December 7, 2013

Some More Pink Pajamas!

It has truly been a loooong day indeed! A GREAT day, but a long one!  I had promised the "finished" product of the Chaos Warriors that I showed the glazes on yesterday... but sometimes 'hanging out' at the local gaming and hobby store as a featured painter draws customers with questions (which I don't mind, because I love to share!), but it ate up some of my production time yesterday! :D  As a result, it took a good portion of the morning to finish these guys up.  Being at the location of the Blood Bowl Season Opener, naturally forced me to get in a couple of matches, hence... this post is long over due!

Here is the warrior that I showed yesterday, finished after the glazes, and polyurethane coating is applied, I like the position of him charging in for the attack!  But, there are actually three additional Chaos Warriors in the troop... scroll down to see them!
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Below are the other three; kind of like the "four horsemen" of the Apocalypse they are each posed very uniquely! This Chaos Warrior looks like he is getting ready to thump on an opponent standing in his way!
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The next chap is moving forward, getting ready to throw a vicious block on the opposition...
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This mini is my client's favorite of the troupe... the pose almost give you the sense that he has just laid someone out on the pitch, and now he is looking to see where else he can go to do some damage! he he he
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Here are the four of them together!
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While the Minotaur was in a previous post, I just had to include a pic with him in it!

Overall, I am very pleased with how these guys turned out!  It was loads of fun putting the finishing touches on them in the store with all the foot traffic... several people came up and share positive comments on how they looked; but the most gratifying comment of all, came from the owner when he showed up for delivery and simply stated, "I am very pleased with the final result!"  Thanks for letting me take on this project, Joe! Most gratifying! :D

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