Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fervor of the Fists: Finding Potential Clients!

With another commission assignment wrapped up, I am in full swing of my next one (so I can get after a couple more that were dropped in my lap last weekend!) Wahoo!  I posted a pretty large diorama that I am trying to knock out awhile back, and the idea behind it was the theme of the store, "An Adventure Awaits Inside..." so the diorama has all kinds of goodies busting out of boxes and scrapping it up on the battlefield!

The core of the left side of the diorama is being filled by Crimson Fists Space Marines... these bad boys!  And I am trying frantically to get them finished, and get the thing put back in! (more pics to come! :D)
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There was a time when this level of basic unit painting was completely acceptable, and... even admired! However, mini painting has really grown over the last decade, and basing has become almost as big as painting the mini!  Don't get me wrong, I think the advances in technique (like NMM), and other master level things are cool... but what does one do if they just want a simple commission job painting standard troops at an affordable price?  Seems that several pro-painters don't want to swing in the area anymore, but would rather be hailed as another MP "Davinci" and to that I say, "Good on them!"
While you are thinking on that, here is a more dramatic pose of these guys!  Beautifully painted commanders and heroes are incredibly cool! But if there are not basic units for them to "show off" with as a backdrop, they will continue to collect dust on your shelf with occasional "oohs & aahs..." by few who are lucky enough to get to where they are' why not display them on the battlefield backed by simple but neatly painted units?
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Some, might say, "Lou, that is a cop-out because I haven't seen you post anything that I would consider ML painting (rating 9+ on CMoN), but the truth of the matter is, I have done that type of work over the years, with some pretty neat results... (one was a custom inquisitorial assassin I sold to a chap in Scandanavia for a hefty $$$!) and perhaps I will do it again sometime.  For now, I am enjoying knocking out pieces that people can "see" and "touch" and get mystified as these little guys suck them (unwittingly) into this miniature world! So... until then, these guys will have to be content (as will I) sitting in a store window, and hopefully help in finding potential clients that will walk through the door, and want to know more!
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