Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fervor of the Fists at Full Tactical!

Well, yesterday I was able to get quite a bit done even though I have really been under the weather.  The full tactical squad of the Crimson Fists was completed and they will be ready to go in the diorama!
I have a whole other set of space marines to paint up for the demo table, and after doing these guys with such ease, I am seriously thinking about continuing on with the Crimson Fists.  The only frustration I had was trying to get the Fist decals to stay on, but ended up painting them on again (which is what I usually end up doing!)
Yes, I still need to go back over with some touch ups, but not a bad result for as lousy as I was feeling yesterday! Hopefully the diorama will be ready for display, and I can post some pics of it finished! *crosses fingers*

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