Friday, March 28, 2014

X-Wing: Battle in the Skies!

Well, with the repaint that I had recently completed on the X-Wing, it wasn't hard to get cajoled into a match!  We ended up inviting a couple of pro-gamers (Rick, and Chris) to come down and show some of the local boys, how to play Star Wars X-Wing!  With the promise of cold sodas and some pizza, they graciously accepted!

Here is a pic of everybody getting together to begin; one thing you gotta love about gaming, is that it is not age specific!  Great time for parents, and grandparents, to connect with their kids!
Chris is giving some basic instructions on moving, allocating your action, and so forth... young jedi-wanna-be's are perking up!
The Asteroids are down, the Ties are now positioned and we are ready to place our academy pilots!
Aside from showing off Chris's very cool "stealth" X-Wing, I was able to get in a rear shot of mine as well.... Go Gavin Darklighter!

Getting some instruction from a pro on how to get our ships in line with each other so we can fight with our "wingman" close!
Looking good mate! Let those ties come in after us now! "Red Five standing by!!!"
"Gulp!" Here comes Vader sneaking around an asteroid!

As you can see by the placement of the ships here, we really got into a pretty messy dog fight!  With some pros piloting the Ties (...and some noobs behind the stick on the X-Wings, B-Wing and Shuttle) it wasn't pretty! But, "hey" we had a good time rolling the dice, eating some pizza and enjoying good company!  Maybe next time I will have the rest of my ships complete... I hear when they are custom painted, they fly better! ;D

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