Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bacon-Wrapped Blood Bowl!

Here a some pics of the SPR Bacon-Wrapped Blood Bowl Tournament that I promised!  This first pic is a massive Chaos Minotaur that my second opponent was using as his "coach" mini (a farce since this guy is like eight inches tall!) I think this guy forgot the definition of "mini" LOL!
Here are some shots of guys and gals just getting in their matches... there were well over thirty participants! ;D
(click any pic to enlarge)

Here are some pics from some of my matches that I played with the Norse team that I took!  The Norse lining up for a bash against Chaos!  (you can see what a difference it makes playing with painted minis!)

Here are these poor Norse trying to find a way in around three St4 Chaos Warriors! Ugh!!!
This is a River Troll on a goblin team I faced off against... looks like this guy vomited right into my lineman's face, knocking him on his keister! LOL (Again, notice the difference painted minis make... such a neat effect!)
Here is my catcher waaaaay down the field with my other players setting up some loose dodge traps for the gobbos so I can score!

Overall, a great turn-out with great gaming, good fun, good company, and good eats!  Hats off to Jeremiah aka "The Grillmaster" and Mike the commissioner of the Stony Point Refugees, and FTW Games for hosting the event! Great day guys! :D

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